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Honeywell offers industry leading gas
control. Offering reliable products and
systems that enable users to exercise full
control over their regulating and measuring needs.

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Southern Cross

Since our founding in 1946, Southern Cross has grown to become one of the largest companies in the U.S. providing energy clients with leak detection, pipeline integrity, stray voltage inspections, meter reading and installations. Company Website

CP Test

CP Test manufactures roadway and curb valve boxes, cathodic protection test stations, sewer cleanout caps, marker posts and PVC protection sleeves. Company Website



RuB, Inc.

RuB is a manufacturer of shut-off brass valves with focus on ball valves for gas, water, air, & oil installations. Company Website



Reef Industries

Reef Industries, Inc. manufactures reinforced polyethylene laminates designed for a wide range of applications. Company Website

Dresser Manufacturer

Dresser (tm) repair products for natural gas piping systems. Company Website



Trenton Tape

Trenton(r) products provide effective, long-lasting anticorrosion protection for your resources. Company Website


Tapecoat(r) has been a respected manufacturer of tapes and coatings to the pipeline industry for decades and is known for its reliability throughout the oil, gas, water and wastewater industries. Company Website

Advance Products

Advance Products & Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of water & wastewater, oil & gas, and industrial & mechanical pipeline products. Company Website


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